They move on tracks of never ending light

The announcement of a search for a generations pastor should unite us a church body as we see the vision of the church unfolding.

This announcement calls attention to the growing body of children, youth, and young men & women who consider ALCCL their home church. We should devote ourselves to prayers of thankfulness for this blessing and specific prayer for the couple that God has targeted to serve in this capacity. He has been working throughout the tapestry of their lives and has equipped them to serve in this capacity for such a time as this.

We should commend the effective stewardship of the elders and leadership team for positioning the church to be in a strong financial position to make this targeted investment in the future church. The youth of this nation, our local community, and church will have a profound spiritual impact on future generations.

We can all be thankful for the Godly examples that selflessly poured into our lives, perhaps without our knowledge. It is now our time to pay it forward by actively investing in these young lives. Perhaps some are seeking to set a new example for their family and stepping out in faith to be set apart—for Christ. Let’s join with them on the journey of a lifetime! Each of us has a role to play in the spiritual development of these young men and women.

Let us collectively as parents, relatives, friends, mentors, or fellow members at church seek to do our part to display Christ and speak life into the next generation. As they seek to mature in an understanding of the knowledge of God’s will for their lives, let’s be sure to lay down Christ empowered railroad so that they can move forward on tracks of never ending light.
Shawn Moshier