A Heart for Home

A Heart for Home
He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. Matthew 10:39
As we entered the Easter season a little differently this year, I thought about these words and considered their meaning. A devotional I was reading said that to follow Jesus meant we “must carry our cross”, a phrase we’ve most likely heard many times. By choosing our faith and committing our lives to God, of course we’ll carry our cross, and we have ideas about what that will look like.
It was the next sentence in my devotional that really made me pause and consider what Jesus meant with these words. The author stated “We must give up our lives, die to ourselves – our expectations, dreams, and rights – in order to be surrendered to His Kingdom…”
Our expectations, our dreams, and rights… in the midst of a pandemic, sequestered in our homes, attempting to adjust to an ever changing reality, how many of us have given up these things? I thought about how in the last few weeks our worlds have been turned upside down in so many ways. People are out of work, schools are closed, many are working from home, special events are cancelled or postponed indefinitely, the list of changes and disappointments are endless… and yet while we’ve certainly been forced to give up our “normal” in many ways, have we handed them over to God?
I’m not sure anyone would have thought dying to ourselves and carrying our cross meant giving up our dreams and expectations in this way. And yet, God has brought us to this place during the Easter season. Perhaps He’s brought us home together in this pandemic to remind everyone that we are merely temporary residents waiting for our eternal home with Him. And if during this time at home, we are willing to pursue Him with our hearts, to surrender our dreams and expectations, we will find the One who gave everything for us is there waiting.
Marcy Petzoldt