Communion of the Holy Spirit – A Reflection

On Sunday, April 22nd Pastor Matt shared with us the second sermon in our themed spring series ‘Spirit and Life’. The sermon was entitled, Communion of the Holy Spirit.

Communion requires partnership. Effective earthly communion with someone requires a partnership of two or more parties; it cannot be one-sided. Perhaps one of the most amazing but often hard to grasp concept of the heavenly kingdom is that we cannot attain it on our own. We must accept the free gift of grace, by becoming undone within and of ourselves. We must submit our will and accept the gift of eternal life through the perfect sacrifice through Jesus; believing that He went to a place that we could not go ourselves. Jesus, out of his love for us, also carried a burden that we cannot and should not carry. Out of the realization of what Jesus did for each of us should create within us a submissive spirit. He only seeks a ‘Yes’ from us to unlock all of what He has in store for us. A submissive spirit creates opportunity for the Holy Spirit to abide with us.

The personality of the Holy Spirit. We often perceive the Holy Spirit as an abstract aspect of the Trinity. Jacob Sullivan shared with Pastor Matt that he had a great realization and personalization of the Holy Spirit as a friend. This is affirmed in John 15:13-16 where the Holy Spirit can be attributed to each of us as a friend through characteristics displayed by the life of Jesus. Our focus should be on the person of the Holy Spirit, not the effect of the Holy Spirit to cause certain actions. Let’s be sure to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit with full assurance that the attributes of the Holy Spirit will be available to us. Take note of and review John 14-16 to become more familiar with the promises of the Holy Spirit.

The entanglement of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Matt provided an overview of a complex physical phenomenon, quantum entanglement, that describes a physics principle where a pair of particles that could be spread out across large distances simultaneously counter balance each other when one particle moves. This is a great parallel to a life in direct and constant communion of the Holy Spirit. It portrays a picture of complete harmony and balance. Let’s become animated to be in tune with the flow of the Spirit so that when we sense Him moving, we move in tandem in the shadow-step of the Father.

Lastly, we must become obedient to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit seeks to reveal truth to us so that we can glorify Christ. It is imperative for us to be connected to the source of truth so that we can naturally bear fruit through a connection with the Spirit. We must become empty of ourselves to obey the leading and direction of the Spirit to reflect & display the glory of God. The Holy Spirit as a counsellor and guide sparks and sustains our lives. He seeks the best for us in our unique voice. We must find that unique voice, develop, and sustain it through a personal walk with the Holy Spirit. John 16:14 eludes to this promise when we submit to the Spirit to work in and through us. As we go forward this week let’s develop a heart to wait in preparation for a fresh download of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
Shawn Moshier