First Things First

All of life is governed by motivations.  We think, speak, and act based on what we value.  When under extreme pressure we reveal the value of survival and those instincts preserve our life… it’s called flight or flight.  Motivation is built into the human existence; we don’t have to develop it.  We also don’t have to develop relational motivation.  Because we are created in His image we are born with His Spirit within us.  That Spirit causes us to be motivated for intimacy.  Intimacy misguided can lead us into all manner of sin…
attempting to accomplish something physically that only God can give us Spiritually.  And it is there that we are led astray… the moment where we substitute worship of the Creator for worship of the creature.  But… it is also right there where redemption takes place.  Right in the moment of our greatest rebellion can come the moment of our greatest surrender.

You can spend the rest of your life trying to do all of the right things in the eyes of God.  You can be the most religious, the most spiritual, the most obedient, or the most controlled… but you would have missed the true moment of your opportunity.  It lies before any of those attempts… in the heart beat of time when you have the opportunity to SEEK HIM FIRST.  It’s not about how your life looks, it’s about how your life is ordered…first.  Does God have the place of honor in your heart?  Is He First?  If He is then He will order your steps and those steps will be blessed.  That’s just who He is.

What your family needs most is for you to seek Him first.  Whatever your situation is His promise is the same…

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you.”