Launch Out 2.0

Luke 5:4       When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” 

One of my favorite high school hang out spots was the basement of my best friend Eric.  It was darkish, coolish, and his mom didn’t really care if we broke a few things while playing  basketball on his 6 foot rim.  I also loved it because the constant sound of the fish tank was a very soothing sound to fall asleep to…  not that high school guys like to sleep a lot or anything.  The really cool thing about that fish tank though was the resident king fish of the tank.  It was the largest goldfish I had ever seen.  I didn’t even know they could grow that big.  The ones I won at the fair never lived long enough to grow at all so I was impressed.  I soon realized the size of the tank had a lot to do with this fish growing so large… and as I grew in my understanding of God, I immediately realized that that I needed to get myself in a bigger tank!


The first thing Jesus said to Simon was to “Launch out into the Deep”.  The time for fishing in the shallows is over… it is now time for you to head out where the fish have room to grow.  Jesus was calling this group of fishermen into an experience that was going to prove to them the true nature of the one they called Rabbi.  Jesus didn’t just want to be their teacher, He wanted to be their Messiah.  (Notice Simon calls Him Master in verse 5 but Lord in verse 8)  Jesus is calling… commissioning you to Launch out into a DEEP relationship with Him that has some big fish in it.  It may be a new view of yourself, a more Biblical view of your personal life, or a more Christ-like depth of Love for the lost around you.  Whatever it is, Jesus is calling you.  Each of us and all of us are being commissioned to head into deeper waters.  The promise therein is that He will provide the catch, He will be the provision…so we can Fear Not.  


Don’t miss the second half of the passage though!!  “Let down your nets for a catch”.  If all we do is spend our time trying to pursue a deeper experience we are only doing half of the process.  It is time for you to let down your nets.  God has given you amazing gifts and talents in order to draw all men to Him.  Use them!!  Begin to see yourself as a critical piece of the puzzle of God in this area.  The way you love your family puts God on display.  The way you handle your finances, interact with friends and strangers, honor authority, hold your tongue or loose it… all of it displays the Glory of God Almighty.  Begin to see yourself as a disciple and Let Down Your Nets For a Catch!  The promise is for today.