One Generation shall praise your works to another…


Psalms 145:4a says, “One Generation shall praise your works to another…”.

What a challenge this is for us today:

  • A challenge to lean into the Father as Christ exemplified
  • A challenge to grow in the knowledge of the Father and to be in tune with His heartbeat for our lives

Colossians 1:9b states, “to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding”. Pastor Matt stated during the message on Sunday that to be in tune with the Father requires an intimate relationship where we can grow in agreement with Him. This behooves us to become aware of the path and velocity of His will for our lives. At times the Father may ask that we walk with Him, other times to crawl through a difficult time with Him, and at times, to run with Him. In each circumstance the will of the Father follows through. Scripture promises that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

On a recent walk with Primrose, our nearly two-year-old golden retriever, I was going over the bridge on State Route 126 in Beaver Falls and noticed the remnants of the rapid thaw we had in early January. The temperatures increased over a short period of time, aided with some warm winds, this melted a lot of snow and the local streams and rivers began to swell and overflow. The thaw lasted short period of time and was soon followed by a sharp cold front that dropped temperatures as quick as they had risen. If you recall, we had temps one day of about 60 degrees and the next day were back to near zero with plenty of fresh snow on the ground.

The impact of the thaw and associated river swell near the river banks created rings of ice that stuck to the tree trunks. As I was walking with Prim I noticed these rings of ice that clung to the trunks of trees that display the depth of the water that had clung to them. My mind was drawn back to the fall 2017 series, The Consecrated Church, where we were challenged to be planted by the river of the Holy Spirit where we can be transformed by hope unleashed by the Father. While earthly rivers get shallower the further you move from its source; the river of the Holy Spirit deepens as it moves. Let us pray that this can be the testimony for the generations present in our community today.

I stand on many testimonies of faithfulness of previous family generations that lived in faithfulness to the heartbeat of the Heavenly Father. When he said run, they ran, when He said slow down and walk with me, they did that too. They had a heart of obedience—even when there was no immediate gratification.

Our 2018 focus on the Word and our recent Reset prayer devotional calls on us to Obey. Out of a heart of obedience to the Father, we can be called into deeper spiritual waters that previous generations may have prayed over our lives. Let us live worthy of the calling that we have received in Christ as mentioned in Colossians 1:10, “that you may walk worthy of the Lord…”. Let this Scripture verse challenge us to grow in the knowledge of the will that the Father has for us and for a heart of obedience to walk faithfully, so that we can talk and sing of the works of God in our lives to the next generation.
Shawn Moshier