What is God Saying to me?



Where are you planted?

In the days of the early church a greek philosopher, Aristides, was tasked by Caesar Hadrian to get to the bottom of the cult called the way.  Here is a brief summary of his report back to Caesar,

“they love one another, he who has given to him who has not without boasting, and when they see a stranger, they take them into their own homes and rejoice over them as a very brother, and if there is among them any that are poor and needy and if they have no spare food, they fast two or three days in order to supply to the needy their lack of food. Such, O King is their manner of life, verily this is a new people and there is something divine in the midst of them.”

As we near the end of the fall series, The Consecrated Church, let it continue to challenge us to become planted by the river in the midst of the transforming hope unleashed by the Father.  Through Spirit-led transformation and maturation processes, let us become united as one body so that we can influence the river to deepen as it flows and spread hope throughout our 99%.

Shawn Moshier

What Are You Looking At

I have heard it said that after you have been married a long time that you begin to look like your spouse.  You become what you stare at so where we focus our eyes humanly and spiritually is very important.  Gideon stared at his surroundings and felt he could do nothing for God.
He was filled with fear and insecurity.  But when encouraged by God to lift his gaze to Him and His abilities through Gideon, he delivered
a nation.  I wonder if you would turn to Hebrews 11:32 today and notice whose name is listed first in this verse?  When Gideon was first
encountered by God I am sure he would never picture his name listed with these others.  Now take your name and insert it in this list.  As
you fix your eyes (steadily gaze) on Jesus as Hebrews 12:2 encourages us to do, God will do amazing things in and through you!  May you walk in His blessing and His power today!
Pastor Brian Olmstead

He Abides with Me

Do you remember the first time you received a pair of Walkie Talkies as a gift?  The sheer unbelief that you could now be in constant communication with your friend… even if they were outside and you were inside!!!  Unless of course they never let go of the button after they were done talking.  LET GO OF THE BUTTON!!!  I yelled that a lot.  It seems archaic today but back then it was life changing… the secret messages… the plots… the intrigue.  It was amazing…


First Things First

All of life is governed by motivations.  We think, speak, and act based on what we value.  When under extreme pressure we reveal the value of survival and those instincts preserve our life… it’s called flight or flight.  Motivation is built into the human existence; we don’t have to develop it.  We also don’t have to develop relational motivation.  Because we are created in His image we are born with His Spirit within us.  That Spirit causes us to be motivated for intimacy.  Intimacy misguided can lead us into all manner of sin…