Worship – Easter Reflections

I know that worship does not happen only under the perfect set of circumstances – namely in a church building, with a set of musicians, with the perfect set of songs.  I know that.   But, do I live as though I know that?  Now that the “perfect” set of circumstances has been taken away from me have I found that I have set aside worship? To be picked up when we can once again worship together as a church family?  For a minute I think I did.  


Can you relate?


But…In His faithfulness God will not let me (or you) stay there.  I feel Him stirring in my heart that there is more to learn here. There is something powerful and true to be learned about worship individually , in isolation.  


Can we go on this individual journey together?  God has linked us together as a body – a church family made up of precious individuals walking together in the same direction.  Each voice to be developed and honed intimately in the secret place.  Then, brought together powerfully and corporately to break the strongholds of darkness. 


First things first… Where are my eyes?  Where am I oriented?  

God brought me to 2 Chronicles 20 this morning.  The story of King Jehoshaphat, a man intent on God’s commands and endeavoring to lead his people in the truth of the Word.  A great army – greater than any the people of Judah could withstand – was marching against them.  When word came to the King he “resolved to inquire of the Lord”.  He gathered the kingdom together in fasting, stood up in the assembly and began to pray.  His prayer is an example of proper orientation: 

First, he proclaimed Who God is “Power and might are in Your hand, no one can withstand You” Second, he proclaimed what God had done “You drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel and gave it forever to the descendants of Abraham Your friend”. 

Third, he brought his request to the Lord “now here are men from Ammon, Moab and Mount Sier… coming to drive us out of the possession YOU gave us as inheritance.

 Finally – He said “Our God , will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us.  We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”


God brings about a great victory – through no effort on their part.  ( If you get a chance read this chapter)

The key was where they placed their eyes (their hopes, their answer, their deliverance).

Right now, perhaps more than ever, there are loud competing voices to capture your eyes, to turn your heart toward fear and isolation.  The key to worshiping is to first and foremost stay oriented on the Creator and Lover of your soul.  He has the answers and alone holds the victory.  As we everyday orient our hearts on Who He is and What He has done, bring our requests and then keep our eyes on Him we will find that place of worship.

Set your heart on Him and Who He is and worship will naturally flow from your heart.


Let’s endeavor to do this together in the coming weeks.  Let God hone your heart as He reveals more and more of Who He is… as your eyes stay on Him.  Here is a song that was shared with me.  I pray it helps you to be still and and know – to focus your eyes on the One.



                                                                                              In Love…..  Eliza Zehr